Highly-unique useful material design and production technologies
in the fusion field of synthetic biology and synthetic chemistry

It is the time when advanced needs mainly in the high-tech, health care, and energy industries are emerging more than ever and we need to meet those demands. On the other hand, the current state of manufacturing is facing a stagnation of synthetic chemistry, which had played an important role, and sluggish growth of expected synthetic biology. Although there are aspects such as the world situation and transition of corporate activities, technological solutions are becoming more and more important.

SynArt’s strength is the ability of simplifying manufacturing by respecting and fusing strong points of synthetic biology and synthetic chemistry. Our sources of competitive advantage are compound design technology and production technology constructed from this perspective as well as unique databases based upon libraries and data information acquired in the R&D processes. In terms of technology platform, we pursue a design-type platform that is specialized in manufacturing application rather than an infrastructure-type platform.

We believe these technologies can adapt to current problems and future needs and provide solutions for the field of manufacturing.

Fusion technology of synthetic biology and synthetic chemistry

We design the optimal workflow leading to the product by thorough analysis of success probability, development cost and period for each theme, and based on these, allocation of synthetic biological approach and synthetic chemical approach and selection of substrate.

Compound design technology

We design appealing compounds that can be only achieved by fusion technology based on the functionality, safety and feasibility of compounds that we can predict from needs, knowledge and information obtained from our customers and our own experiences.


Lean R&D system
that maximizes our strength and meets diverse needs

Biotechnology has made remarkable progress due to recent technological innovations. At the same time, many biotech companies globally emerged.
Many of these precedent companies had established moderate to large scale platforms and offer products and services.
On the other hand, there are still many cases that those products and services do not meet the needs or new value of customers and markets. We believe that there is a mismatch between the products and services of each company and the needs of customers and markets, due to their development system based on the platform that requires huge investment.

Because SynArt keeps in mind that the workflow suitable for each product and service is different, we have established R&D system that concentrates resources on our strength and outsources advanced tools and elemental technologies that suit each concept.
We already have access to many attractive companies that update and provide these tools and technologies.
Lean R&D system enables us to pursue applied research and flexibly respond to diverse needs that were previously difficult.